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Forces of Nature

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Everyone knows robots don’t like plants! Afterall, that must be why they killed every last plant and extinguished so called “nature”. However, a drop of water, in the right place at the right time, allows one last sprout to grow from the ground. Will this little sprout be able to survive? Can nature make a comeback?

Forces of Nature is a 2D, side scrolling tower defense game with new and exciting gameplay elements not seen before in this genre. Dash, jump, attack and plant your way to victory. It’s up to you to help our sprout friend add some greenery back to this dead, robot-infested land!


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Press Release

Mean Bean Games is pleased to announce the release of Forces of Nature on the Apple App Store. Forces of Nature is a unique defense game where you must use Sprout to protect the forest from incoming waves of robots. … Continue reading

  • meanbeangamesMean Bean Games
    Remember running into @the_rami at PAX and seeing Ridiculous Fishing. Now it's the App Store's game of the year. Go @Vlambeer !
    20 months ago
    meanbeangamesMean Bean Games
    This looks interesting... might have to put it in Forces of Nature! https://t.co/9S6TU2Z1vG #EverPlay
    21 months ago
    meanbeangamesMean Bean Games
    Game will be launching Oct 29th!!! D:
    22 months ago